Japan Ergonomics Society 3D Ergonomics Research Committee
The year of 2010 is called the “3D First Year”. That is because 2010 is the year when the movie “Avatar” (20th Century Fox, 2009) set a world record of box office and also when there was the surge of the screens designed for the stereoscopic images (3D) in Japan.
The “3D First Year” is also the year when the social concern for the impact on the 3D users has come to be recognized apparently, because at that time the major manufacturers have released their new 3D televisions and game machines one after another to the market. In other words, it may be said that 2010 was the year when the needs for the ergonomic researches on 3D has increased.
After the celebrating for the “3D First Year”, new approaches in ergonomic researches on 3D have come to be required according to the rapid and global expansion of 3D movies. For example, the needs for knowledge on practical utilization of 3D are increasing; however, there are lots of points still uninvestigated - such as the effects caused by long-time or long-period viewing of 3D images, or the effects related to users’ attributes such as age groups.
Therefore, in Japan Ergonomic Society (JES), “3D Ergonomic Research Committee” was established in 2010 for the purpose of sharing knowledge and examples of ergonomic researches on 3D. The six founders who supported the establishment of the committee are as follows:

ChairTakashi Kawai (Professor at Waseda University)
Susumu Saito (Director of Institute for Science of Labour, Past president of JES)
Toyohiko Hatada (Principal at Tokyo Optometric College, Professor emeritus at Tokyo Polytechnic University)
Tsuneto Iwasaki (Assistant professor at University of Occupational and Environmental Health)
Tetsuri Inoue (Professor at Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
Hiroyuki Morikawa (Assistant professor at Aoyama Gakuin University)
Activities by 3D Ergonomics Research Committee
Date Site Topic
Dec., 2010 40th Annual Meeting of Kanto-Branch, JES Ergonomics in the “3D First Year”
Jun., 2011 The 52nd Conference of JES 3D ergonomics - viewing safety and comfort
Oct., 2011 Digital Content Expo 2011 New paradigm of comfort 3D viewing experience
Dec., 2011 41st Annual Meeting of Kanto-Branch, JES Social media and 3D
Oct., 2012 Digital Content Expo 2012
* Cosponsored by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Current approaches and future tasks on 3DTV
Jun., 2013 The 54th Conference of JES Cognitive and emotional characteristics of 3D
Jun., 2014 The 55th Conference of JES New approaches of 3D ergonomics
Oct., 2014 Digital Content Expo 2014 Cognitive distortions of stereoscopic (3D) visual space and 3D reconstruction of digital contents